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 [Release] Kodack X BlizzRepack V2 --> Fully Scripted | All 2.4.3 Content | Blizzlike

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MesajSubiect: [Release] Kodack X BlizzRepack V2 --> Fully Scripted | All 2.4.3 Content | Blizzlike   Joi Oct 02, 2014 5:33 pm


Hello dear memeber of MMOWNED. I made this repack some long time ago for a guy who asked me to do it and I finally decided to make it public.

First I'll answer the first question that would most probably come up in your mind: "Why is it version II?" --> Because there was a version 1 which I made for 2.4.2 but I didn't release it on MMOWNED. And now there's no pint in putting it here.


> Fully Scripted;
> Special Kil'Jaeden script. (Feature example: It stays in the sunwell as he should. );
> All 2.4.3 content;
> Includes a website;
> Includes some very useful tools. (Accounts backup tool, Ascent DB Editor etc.);
> It includes a restarter;
> Uber easy to set up and use!


> Core: ArcEmu rev. 465
> Databse: Project Silvermoon Pheonix Database rev. 112
> Website: Ascent WebCMS V2.0

The ReadMe:

Kodack X BLIZZREPACK V2 2.4.3
{Core}: ArcEmu Revision 465
{Database}: Project Silvermoon Pheonix 112



1.) Only after making sure the folder "Kodack X BlizzRepack"
is in C:\ you can pass on to the next step.

1.*) If you downloaded the "Split Edition" (two parts) of the
repack you must make a folder in C:\ named "Kodack X BlizzRepack"
and extract the two archives directly there.

2.) (Optional) You must edit the following files according
to your prefernces:
>C:\Kodack X BlizzRepack\ArcEmu\configs\arcemu-optional.conf
>C:\Kodack X BlizzRepack\ArcEmu\configs\arcemu-realms.conf
>C:\Kodack X BlizzRepack\ArcEmu\configs\arcemu-world.conf

>C:\Kodack X BlizzRepack\Server\htdocs\include\settings.php
>C:\Kodack X BlizzRepack\Server\htdocs\infusions\realms_status_panel\settings.php

Now you can edit the website:
> Open your browser and type: localhost in the adress.
> Log in with the following info: Username: admin
Password: warsong
> Go to the admin panel and start edting what you need.

To edit the website logo you must edit:
>C:\Kodack X BlizzRepack\Server\Xampp\htdocs\themes\blizzcom\images\logo\logo2.jpg

3.) Now to start the server go to "C:\Kodack X BlizzRepack" and open
these in the order:
"1.) Start this first" (this will start the database and the apache
"2.) Start this after" and then click "start" for logonserver
and then click "start" for arcemu.

4.) To play you must edit your realmlist so it's: "set realmlist localhost"
and then log in with the following info:
>TBC Account>>> username: admin
>>> pass: admin

>NON TBC Account >>> username: admin2
pass: admin2

Download Link: [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]
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[Release] Kodack X BlizzRepack V2 --> Fully Scripted | All 2.4.3 Content | Blizzlike
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