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 WoW Fishing 1 - 525 Profession Guide

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MesajSubiect: WoW Fishing 1 - 525 Profession Guide   Joi Oct 02, 2014 12:18 pm

This WoW First Aid 1 - 525 guide will show you how to raise your first aid skill from 1 - 525 in the quickest and most cost effective way. This guide is updated for the Cataclysm expansion, patch 4.3


There is no cookie cutter way to power level your fishing, you just have to fish and fish some more. One small benefit of fishing is that you can get from 1 - 525 skill from absolutely anywhere, even a small pond in a starting zone. Even if all you catch is junk you will still gain a skill up.

Things you should ideally have before starting:

  • A level 85 character
  • Flying Mount
  • [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link] Profession
  • [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link] * Required *
  • Plenty of time!

If you don't have any or only some of the above, don't worry you can still carry on, it will just take you longer to get to 525.

How Fishing Works

You don't skill up fishing like you would with any other profession. Your skill level increases depending on how many successful catches you make in each skill range. The table below will give you a better idea:
[th]Skill Range[/th][th]Required Catches[/th]
1 - 1151
115 - 1502
150 - 1703
170 - 1904
190 - 2155
215 - 2356
235 - 2607
260 - 2808
280 - 2959
295 - 30012
300 - 3259
325 - 36510
365 - 45011
450 - 5009
500 - 52510

That's all there is to it really, All you need is a lot of patience and time or as one player mentioned on Wowhead -
"The most efficient way of leveling fishing must be what I did back in TBC, offer a broke friend (preferably one who is not playing WoW because they know...) a few 6-packs of the strongest beer you can find, have him get one each time he levels 15 skillpoints. This will:

  • 1: Make the person enough affected by the alcohol by 100 skillpoints that he/she actually can withstand the boredom.
  • 2: After this he/she will probably want more til they pass out, switch to a slightly lighter beer to keep them awake, mix with a glass of water in between every beer and keep doing that til' you hit the skillpoint you agreed upon. Some money always helps too. And music. Talking too. ANYTHING. Have a few beers yourself aswell, since watching this is painful for both mind and soul."
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WoW Fishing 1 - 525 Profession Guide
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